Affix [verb]

Definition of Affix:

attach or stick

Synonyms of Affix:

Opposite/Antonyms of Affix:

Sentence/Example of Affix:

Conny stepped smilingly forward, and proceeded to affix the band around the vicar's massive throat.

Run a narrow velvet through the holes of the third row and affix wider velvet ends, or chenille tassels to each extremity.

Twelve different works he had before written and published, and all without the affix of his name.

Pitt proposed to provide for the royal assent by placing the great seal in a commission with authority to affix it to the bill.

Under each word the force of the prefix is usually given, though not the affix.

It is wrong, certainly, to treat ever as an affix, and to mistake the first two words of "What ever are you doing?"

Similarly, his remark on the "peculiar misuse of the affix ever, as in saying 'Whatever are you doing?'"

In such cases the pitch is merely inherent in the radical element or affix, as any vowel or consonant might be.

Note that the plural affix immediately follows the radical element (ya-), disconnecting it from the local element (-hau-).

The affix vitch signifies son of: Sviatoslavitch—son of Sviatoslav.