Add [verb]

Definition of Add:

simple arithmetical process of increase; accumulation

Synonyms of Add:

Opposite/Antonyms of Add:

Sentence/Example of Add:

Add to this, if you please, the great difficulty of obtaining from them even the words that they have.

To add point to this success, he knew that the victor of Montebello was straining every nerve to gain this very prize.

It is painful to add, that the latter years of his life were passed in prison, where he was confined for debt.

Must I add, that your good money paid this second loan—and yet a third—a fourth—a fifth?

The Federal Reserve Board reserves the right to add to, alter, or amend these regulations.

The high rent of a Broadway store, says the economist, does not add a single cent to the price of the things sold in it.

It is almost unnecessary to add, that the porter had his share well paid, and that the fisherman got the full value for his prize.

Every dollar wisely spent in improving this power will add two to the value of their estates.

To add to their troubles, fever and ague attacked most of the white men, and one of them (Ogilvie) died on the journey.

To add to these troubles, Soult was unfortunately hated by the officers of the army, who regarded him with grave suspicion.