Calculate [verb]

Definition of Calculate:

compute or estimate amount

Synonyms of Calculate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calculate:

Sentence/Example of Calculate:

In those states, margin is calculated among votes cast for Republicans only.

Previously, Chrome’s filtering had focused more on “URL-based blocks” versus dynamically calculating the impact of individual ads, according to Kershaw.

Companies calculate profits per employees by dividing their net income by the number of their full-time employees.

Kennedy, the founder and former chief executive of human resources software platform Topia, calculated that statistic before launching her congressional campaign—because she’s hoping to be the first.

The S&P 500 dropped roughly 6% in the two weeks following the election, Fortune calculated, while the Dow fell around 5% in the two weeks “as litigation threatened to prolong the uncertainty,” McLoughlin writes.

It’s calculated by dividing your total revenue in a given period by your total number of orders in that same period.

You will need to calculate the volumetric weight for each product to display an accurate shipping price.

Although measles is extremely contagious with an R naught of 12 to 18, the mortality rate is hard to calculate because of the lack of reported cases.

Assessed contributions are calculated based on the gross domestic product and size of population, but they have not increased in real terms since the level of payments was frozen in the 1980s.

They calculate how their rocket fared against 90 others made by their classmates and teacher.