Gauge [noun]

Definition of Gauge:

measure, standard

Synonyms of Gauge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauge:

Sentence/Example of Gauge:

Scientists have long known that the brain harbors the biological equivalent of a car’s fuel gauge—a complex homeostatic system that allows our gray matter to track the state of our basic biological needs, like those for food, water, and sleep.

Once the temperature gauge on top let us know that the grill was adequately heated, we loaded the 285-square-inch grate with all our meat at once.

Simultaneous increases in equity and volatility gauges are unusual, and a reason for concern for some.

They assess how financially healthy a company is and act as an independent gauge, letting investors in a company know how likely that company is to pay back its debt, for instance.

Use this activity from NASA to design and build your own rain gauge.

It’s a gauge of whether a movie includes at least two women talking to each other about something other than a man.

The gauge of railways in Great Britain was not fixed upon any scientific principle.

Trevithick determined in future to use two safety-valves, and also a safety steam-gauge.

The Commonwealth has for some time been considering the conversion of the lines into one standard gauge, the British gauge of 4ft.

The leaf is held in one hand and the gauge and knife in the other, the edge of the leaf being drawn through the gauge.