Guideline [noun]

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Wilma Wooten, San Diego’s public health officer, confirmed this, and said current guidelines do not allow camp-style child care locations to operate during normal school hours.

We need to build the public trust, and to do that you have to do things consistently, carefully follow simple guidelines.

Loftus said the difficulties acquiring devices and connectivity services are exacerbated by changing local and state guidelines.

Another important guideline that many publishing sites will give you is the word count of the articles.

Despite the pandemic and the widespread awareness of how the virus spreads, Yadav says that many of her customers simply refuse to follow the guidelines.

Even though testimonials present a tremendous opportunity to sell your product and service using your previous sales’ as proof, there are some strict guidelines on how you need to present them.

The California Department of Social Services, which regulates assisted living facilities, said guidelines are on the way, but it’s not clear whether that plan would amount to universal testing.

Under California Department of Public Health guidelines, facilities are asked to complete at least one round of universal testing, plus retesting, with more frequent retesting when cases are found.

This article covers online reputation management step by step, giving you specific guidelines to follow.

Google has published comprehensive webmaster guidelines to show what it expects from a website.