Signal [adjective]

Definition of Signal:

extraordinary, outstanding

Opposite/Antonyms of Signal:

Sentence/Example of Signal:

As she spoke, Geta lifted the curtain, and Philothea instantly obeyed the signal.

Each instinctively touched the other's arm, as a signal for silence.

For months I had received daily and hourly the most signal benefits from his hands.

The appearance of Mr. Gladstone was the signal for great applause.

Cissy sent her a look, a signal, and rose; she stood by the doorway.

Such questions were always a signal for an unlocking of tongues around the circle.

For all her dullness, it was a signal from Sally that saved Andrew.

Fear, as we understand it, was in itself a signal of advance.

It was too dark to see a signal if one had been placed for him in the usual manner.

It appeared as if the retirement of the two companies was the signal for their attack.