Unexceptional [adjective]

Definition of Unexceptional:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unexceptional:

Sentence/Example of Unexceptional:

There is character drawing of an unexceptional kind in Honour.

It is fortunate that on this point we have the unexceptional testimony of Bede himself.

That would have been a material and unexceptional proof that I lied, a proof of my guilt!

In that character all we saw of him was his back; and we are bound to admit that it was unexceptional.

The count agreed, expressing an opinion that the 51 Lafitte was unexceptional.

In every respect, too, her ways and behaviour had been unexceptional.

By a not unexceptional coincidence, its mother was Mrs. Ginx.

An unexceptional milk can of about 1920, with the more common type of lid.

The young man had a resolute, honest, unexceptional face, unmarked by any strong passion.

The inference is that it proceeded upon orthodox and unexceptional lines.