Characterless [adjective]

Definition of Characterless:

dull, uninteresting

Synonyms of Characterless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Characterless:

Sentence/Example of Characterless:

But when they had gone and left her to the silence of her pretentious and characterless suite, Maggie did not rest.

As if the perfection of her dress and the characterless beauty of her face were more important than anything else in her life.

She had the same tired droop in the shoulders, the same colorless dress, characterless with much washing.

Webster was a sodden, characterless youth, who bought his way into toleration which he mistook for popularity.

Characterless, backboneless, negative kind of fellows with neither wisdom nor stature abound.

This characterless irresponsibility of the average unmarried mother is known to every social worker.

Give me character, good or bad; characterless things are odious.

Precisely; it is to give character to his characterless address.

She accused him of wanting to marry Aunt Margaret, and called her a characterless, faded blonde.

There were large additions, tasteless and characterless, but giving the rooms that were needed.