Spiritless [adjective]

Definition of Spiritless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Spiritless:

Sentence/Example of Spiritless:

And do you think me so spiritless as to believe that I can be yours by compulsion?

He looks exhausted, care-worn, spiritless, (p. 242) extinct.

The blueskins, said the reports were spiritless and cowardly.

Orthodoxy had instilled a formal, but often spiritless faith.

A spiritless tenacity was his main characteristic, I judged.

It would have been wholly inept and spiritless to transfer this from Gunnar to Attila.

Grumbling, I suppose, at home, to his spiritless wife and daughters.

Linda did not at all like being told that she was spiritless.

She was touched at his being so spiritless as not even to say that she ought to have been thrown in after it.

The dancing was spiritless, and there was little more of it.