Dejected [adjective]

Definition of Dejected:

depressed, blue

Opposite/Antonyms of Dejected:

Sentence/Example of Dejected:

He acted dejected and dispirited, and if he could have talked would have asked the meaning of it all.

When Perkins entered Diottis room he found the violinist heavy-eyed and dejected.

He put his arms about her and drew her into his lap, where she lay, a dejected little heap, sobbing bitterly.

But his eyes roamed eagerly and changed to a burning, red color when they fell upon the dejected figure of his mistress.

There are beings so dejected—so penurious—that this swearing constitutes their whole store of worldly opulence.

When, next day, her father and mother returned from the Salon, their dejected faces proclaimed some disappointment.

The only persons who were dejected or melancholy were those who were compelled to stay behind.

For the first time in this expedition Roger Keyes seemed down on his luck: we had often before seen him raging, never dejected.

Whenever Freethinkers are at all dejected they should have a chat with one of those gentleman.

In passing through Windsor, she saw several of her poor dejected servants waiting to see her.