Dashed [verb]

Definition of Dashed:

run very fast for short distance

Synonyms of Dashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dashed:

Sentence/Example of Dashed:

A wise man hateth not the commandments and justices, and he shall not be dashed in pieces as a ship in a storm.

But, as the keel of the boats touched bottom, each boat-load dashed into the water and then into the enemy's fire.

The men arrived in very bad condition, and many of them blinded with the salt water which had dashed into their eyes.

While you were admiring the long roll of the wave, a sudden spray would be dashed over you, and make you catch your breath!

The villain Longcluse, and the whole fabric of his machinations, may be dashed in pieces by a word.

Their inhabitants shall be dashed in pieces before their eyes: their houses shall be pillaged, and their wives shall be ravished.

One day the hopes of all were aroused by a distant roar in the mountains, only to be dashed by finding it to be thunder.

He dashed into his own hotel, wrote five notes one after the other, tearing up each one before it was finished.

He did not stop until he dashed headlong into a thicket, far away to the right of their line of march.

Surely France must now recognise that he alone could save her; but the second restoration dashed his hopes to the ground.