Disillusioned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disillusioned:

Founders Tom McGillycuddy and Matt Latham spent 8 years working in investment management but say they became disillusioned by the jargon, high fees and indifference to causes such as the environment.

He left the priesthood after he became disillusioned with the group he was working with, his wife said, and he realized he wanted to get married and have a family.

Another mother said she could no longer recognize her child, because he had grown so angry and disillusioned with the world during distance learning.

Watson is disillusioned and adamant that something better exists in the NFL.

It’s clear from online posts that these groups believe disillusioned Q followers are ripe for radicalization, and they may be right.

His students were competing internationally, but Rohit was disillusioned.

Despite good performances and some nice moments, Fatman—in which Mel Gibson plays a gruff, grizzled, disillusioned Santa—doesn't quite succeed tonally in finding that elusive sweet spot.

Practically penniless and absolutely disillusioned, the amazing man was radiantly happy.

She rose, abruptly disillusioned, and looked at him as though she would spring at his throat.

The music of a concertina rose and fell, like the sighing of some disillusioned spirit.