Embittered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Embittered:

And a severe, embittered struggle then took place in a heart that seemed strangely divided against itself.

How would the involuntary accusation have been embittered, had he known that the Empress drew the same conclusion!

And she had struggled valiantly against becoming an embittered old maid; in the main, had succeeded.

Her touch-word, 'scissors,' spoiled his finest bon mots, and embittered his grandest entertainment—it was flame to tow.

Prussia was regaining her strength too rapidly; her embittered hostility was an ever-increasing menace.

To be shouldered off his throne, and compelled to stand by while such radical measures were taken, embittered him.

The result was the uneducated came into power, embittered, without a shred of confidence in the disinterestedness of the educated.

Where both sides were equally suspicious and equally embittered positive collision could not long be avoided.

Mea had twice before tried to be reconciled to the embittered Elvira, but unfortunately in vain.

Hence the curse of service was embittered by a sense of injustice.