Spiteful [adjective]

Definition of Spiteful:

hurtful, nasty

Synonyms of Spiteful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiteful:

Sentence/Example of Spiteful:

She hesitated, and then fired a parting shot which certainly was spiteful in the extreme.

And that spiteful Bobcat, that took advantage of him; and the man that had tried to kill him.

Her fingers were spiteful as they clicked the key in answer.

But this spiteful idea could not be sustained in face of the aspect she had now assumed.

She was a Socitaire of the Comdie, old, spiteful, and surly.

"Only to see what spiteful creatures you women are," he continued, smiling.

"He didn't have to be so everlastin' mean and spiteful about it, anyhow," she declared.

Sometimes I could have pitied her, she was so greedy, so spiteful, so friendless.

He laughed again in one low burst that was as spiteful as an imprecation.

The woman had a nahsty, spiteful feller for a husband, and she'd left him.