Cussed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Cussed:

I begged, and told him I was only Huck; but he laughed such a screechy laugh, and roared and cussed, and kept on chasing me up.

Why back two years ago, I used to visit old Polo Garrett, who had the concession in the menagerie tent, just to get cussed out.

Made the tears come up into my eyes, sir, to ponder on what she has been through on account of my cussed foolishness.

"I'll be cussed if I understand wimmen," declared Captain Candage, fiddling his finger under his nose.

She's the old Nequasset, handed back to me again because I'm the only one who understands her cussed fool notions.

Drank a little and cussed a little and went to the Episcopal Church, though he had been raised a Methodist.

I s'pose you've seed them cussed lies what's been in the papers about the Indiany boys at Bony Visty.'

The squirrel, hanging to the cone in his right hand, waved it about and cussed the coyote as far as he could see him.

"Yes—plenty of moccasin tracks—but not cussed sign of a single hoss," was the sour reply.

We fired from two to three hundred rounds daily and our carrying parties cussed us for firing so much.