Blaspheme [verb]

Definition of Blaspheme:


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Sentence/Example of Blaspheme:

Suppose I do not laugh back at you, do not blaspheme you, do not curse you.

One poor outcast woman lay huddled up on the floor by the fire, too drunk to sit, but not too drunk to blaspheme.

It says, "we are holy and inspired; if you speak against us you blaspheme God, for we are his children."

Don't blaspheme against heaven again, or compare yourself with the Creator, for then you remind me of Caesar at home.

He appears to us at first as very cautious, very desirous of giving the adversary no occasion to blaspheme.

One sees the creation bloom upon it; one ceases to blaspheme, and learns to bless.

At last these prisoners began to rant, vapour, and blaspheme; at which my soul was greatly grieved.

I gritted my teeth, for I wanted to howl and blaspheme; but saying nothing I took her by the hands.

I began to blaspheme, and wished often to be any thing but a human being.

"Yes, his voice goes—admirably," said Leonard, sorely tempted to blaspheme.