Venomous [adjective]

Definition of Venomous:

poisonous; hateful

Synonyms of Venomous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Venomous:

Sentence/Example of Venomous:

Again and again the reader asks himself why Iago is so venomous.

The bark is jagged by the slashes of venomous chassepot bullets.

Today, senor, through your own heedlessness you were bitten by a venomous snake.

From which virtuous and venomous opinion the undersigned begs to differ.

The most venomous tongue could not find fault in my conduct.

Ross gripped Philip in a venomous embrace, and dragged him on to one knee.

I had listened in a sort of fascination to that tirade of venomous mockery.

She faced him, and he suspected the venomous glance darted at him through her veil.

It is the home of venomous snakes, not to be met with in any other part of the island.

Venomous serpents were also numerous in pioneer days, and stayed longer.