Noxious [adjective]

Definition of Noxious:

deadly, injurious

Synonyms of Noxious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noxious:

Sentence/Example of Noxious:

No, he does not find it; brambles are there and noxious weeds galore.

The excreta of that army of sick poisoned the air with their noxious emanations.

At Verdun, along the entire frontier, there were nests of these noxious vermin.

With blood and iron we will ourselves stamp out this noxious breed.

Now it happens that he is noxious to us—let the reasons be what they may.

And let us rid our minds of one or two noxious superstitions.

In winter it was an inland sea and in summer a noxious swamp.

The atmosphere of the gay but unventilated rooms was heavy and noxious.

He was so young and so handsome, to be hunted like a noxious beast!

He was a noxious ass, and he satisfied his lust for silly gossip at the cost of his customers.