Pestilent [adjective]

Definition of Pestilent:


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Sentence/Example of Pestilent:

She would have been out holiday-making (as I settled it) but for the pestilent rain.

The pestilent coxcomb has his uses, and his uses, like adversity's, are sweet.

But how was this pestilent young cub of an Englishman to be got rid of?

Is it pestilent Machiuilian pollicie that thou hast studied?

Then he was liable to be seized and put to death as a pestilent heretic.

American law to most of them is but a pestilent thing to be evaded.

The true beggar, as I have said, is not often annoyed by these pestilent callers.

Never had I ventured into so pestilent and forbidding a place.

Severe laws have often been enacted, against these pestilent impostors.

I have little doubt that this scullery was a pestilent place.