Corrupting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Corrupting:

After the Godslayer takes off, the eagle tells the Hunter to free the eagle’s children who have been corrupted by him.

His Facebook fan page has repeatedly blasted prosecutors as “corrupt” and motivated by politics.

The more that favored constituencies can—or think they can—get through antitrust, the more meddlesome and corrupt the process will become.

If there’s an asteroid on a collision course for Earth, the data might now be too corrupted for us to find it early enough and plan a proper response.

Harding was kind of a weakling who didn’t try to stop other corrupt people in his cabinet, even once he knew about it.

The English have too much pride to be tricky or shabby, even in the essentially corrupting relation of buyer and seller.

This is the only book that I know which goes deeply into the corrupting, demoralizing psychology of prison life.

To do this with taste, and without corrupting or annihilating the meaning of the word, demands a certain amount of literary skill.

Misreading or corrupting the purer teaching of their founder, they place their hopes in sensual enjoyment.

Terror has been and always will be the most certain means of corrupting and enslaving the mind of man.