Pestiferous [adjective]

Definition of Pestiferous:


Synonyms of Pestiferous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pestiferous:


Sentence/Example of Pestiferous:

"You pestiferous gnats insisted on grabbing the ball," he sneered.

We need all the people we can get, but they are a pestiferous outfit.

"You are a pestiferous son-in-law," said Warren, as Lyman entered the room.

But need one's love for things English include this pestiferous sparrow?

Some species of this genus are pestiferous weeds all over the world.

Let me give you the answer to a few petty and pestiferous lures.

The stairs that ascend to the garret are pestiferous and dingy.

Didnt we leave them outside, on the edge of this pestiferous region?

He had hitched his wagon to a star and been landed in a pestiferous marsh.

The very atmosphere in which ye live is pestiferous because of you.