Virulent [adjective]

Definition of Virulent:

poisonous, lethal

Synonyms of Virulent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virulent:

Sentence/Example of Virulent:

The shade resting on the valley appeared that of a mighty, virulent hand.

Duplicates, first buying of, 16—most virulent form of bibliomania, 173.

The scientists of Sator knew that the virus was virulent; in fact, too virulent for its own good.

As soon as he was out of place, he had again been virulent in opposition.

Chicken-pox will become so virulent as to be mistaken for smallpox.

This was a folly about which he and Charly once had virulent words.

It was almost too abundant; like a rich, virulent weed it grew triumphant.

Its columns were filled with the most virulent attacks upon him.

Surely he would respond in kind to Mr. Robb's virulent attack on him!

The president's misconduct on the occasion was the most virulent and protracted.