Poison [noun]

Definition of Poison:

substance that causes harm, death

Synonyms of Poison:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poison:

Sentence/Example of Poison:

He would not look at it, and when I threw it close to him he dashed it away as if it was poison.

Better remember my little school-mate as she was before the poison stung her.

I determined to try the poison of jealousy, by way of an alterative.

She poured it as if it were poison, and Josiah became conscious of her tragic self-control.

Why reserve the knowledge of the blessing until it has turned to poison?

Now, when the poison was no longer in the stomach, will-power could do a great deal.

He had the crawl of the reptile,—he had, also, its poison and its fangs.

Before she slept, I said, he must administer an antidote to Coates's poison.

And when you have heard me, leave this place, and poison my sight no more!'

But because of this poison of politics, no one can call their souls their own.