Blight [noun]

Definition of Blight:

disease; plague

Synonyms of Blight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blight:

Sentence/Example of Blight:

The state holds an annual peach festival, even though it ceased to be the nation’s largest peach producer, due to a blight, more than a century ago.

The new variety has fewer diseases, including northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, maize streak virus, and maize lethal necrosis, a viral disease that was a big problem for us when it broke out in 2011.

Neighborhoods and commercial areas deprived of pedestrian traffic are more vulnerable to urban blight and street and property crime.

There is still mademoiselle, with her new-formed friends in Paris—may a pestilence blight them all!

The country around Llangollen was beautiful, but the memory of the hotel leaves a blight over all.

Tokyo might fall under the blight of progress, but Kano would hold to the traditions of his race.

Is not one bitter trouble sufficient to blight all of a sudden the most peaceful and happy life?

Out in the vegetable area there were first cutworms and then drought and potato blight to be contended with.

The barley crop, too, in many places, exhibits the effect of a powerful blight.

Both could blight the promise of the harvest, baffle the plans of their enemies, or wither the health of their victims.