Pollution [noun]

Definition of Pollution:

dirtiness, contamination

Synonyms of Pollution:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pollution:

Sentence/Example of Pollution:

And its incorporation is by no means equivalent to the pollution of epic.

Mere contact with an unbaptized person was considered a pollution.

But to learn any other language was pollution to a Jew, to teach a Jew any other was pollution to a Christian.

To protect properly a well from gross pollution, two precautions should be observed.

Limestone is even more dangerous if any pollution exists in the vicinity.

Am I to try and cleanse my heart of this love, as if it were some pollution?

Our worries about pollution of earth, oceans, and skies are not religious in nature.

And yet the source of all this pollution and death is moderate drinking.

Let them look at the poor inebriate wallowing in his pollution.

The Alemanni were treated as outcasts, whose very presence was pollution.