Desecration [noun]

Definition of Desecration:

violation, abuse

Synonyms of Desecration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desecration:

Sentence/Example of Desecration:

The physical breaching and desecration of our temple of democracy must never happen again.

In another context, they’d sing the beauty of our world rather than warn of its desecration.

That such desecration should be permitted in a civilized country only a century ago indeed seems incredible.

To bring them out only to attend a reception, or a tea party, is a desecration.

The laugh is still, the noise has fled, and the first sound of the skate on the black ice seems almost a desecration.

To have gone other than softly through the living heart of the greenwood must have savoured of desecration.

In order to preserve it from desecration, he adopted it as his family burial plot.

I shall have some of that, anyway, though it seems rather like desecration to go and actually eat them.

It seemed to me a sort of desecration of the grand, quiet stateliness of the old place to have all these gay people invading it.

The practice dates from heathen times, and the Indians object to any desecration of their offerings.