Sacrilege [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sacrilege:

It was sacrilege to think of changing such old, venerable things.

They could not, above all, endure this immensity of perjury and sacrilege.

We have treated of sacrilege, and of conspiracy, and of treason.

His horror at the sacrilege was so ludicrous that Kendrick laughed aloud.

Look at our sacraments—are they a lie, or are they a sacrilege?

And there was reason for their haste other than their anxiety to set a term to the sacrilege of their presence.

It was unconsecrated, and there could be no sacrilege in using it.

Shall we believe the oath of an unbeliever attainted of sacrilege?

If that does not entail simony and sacrilege, then such things do not exist at all.

“It would be sacrilege to move the dead,” Chebron said with a shudder.