Violation [noun]

Definition of Violation:

breach; breaking of the law

Synonyms of Violation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Violation:

Sentence/Example of Violation:

Violation of parole—he left the state without notifying his parole officer.

Violation of this rule would be punished by the excommunication of the family.

Violation of my plighted word—the downfall of her hopes were nothing!

Violation of this law was made a high misdemeanor and punished accordingly.

Violation of the edict meant that trespassers ran the risk of sudden decease under the judgment of the Company's servants.

Violation of the rules about overstepping territory constitutes a foul, and scores for the opposing team.

Violation of the law, therefore, is not only a secular offense but a transgression of the principles of true religion.

Violation of the taboo prohibitions which protect the totem is punished automatically by serious disease or death.

Violation of the distance principle must properly always be determined by comparison between rates of the same kind.

Violation of a rule constitutes a foul and gives the opponents a free throw for the basket from a point fifteen feet away.