Infraction [noun]

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City Attorney Mara Elliott said she supports that idea as well, but because the tickets are handled administratively, as infractions, her office isn’t involved in the prosecution.

The tickets are infractions, which are handled administratively.

There were more shooting fouls drawn, but there were also more freedom of movement infractions that occurred before the shot.

A ticket of this nature is likely to fail a constitutional challenge, but because police have been issuing the tickets as infractions, rather than misdemeanors, they’re handled administratively, not criminally.

Because the tickets were filed in recent years as infractions rather than misdemeanors, the process has played out administratively, not criminally.

Officers are writing the violations as infractions, downgrading them from criminal misdemeanors.

That would not be surprising, because most people who receive infractions are not represented by attorneys and may not know they could request body camera footage to defend themselves – or how long camera footage could be available.

In the years since MTS officers were first outfitted with cameras in 2014, MTS enforcement of those infractions has dramatically increased.

But it soon became apparent that his infraction of discipline in crossing the Ohio was not forgiven.

They were, besides, made amenable to a most rigorous system of laws, the least infraction of which was punished with death.