Offense [noun]

Definition of Offense:

violation, trespass

Synonyms of Offense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offense:

Sentence/Example of Offense:

For there is a play even with most serious things that has in it no offense.

I had tasted blood of my master's enemies; also Kokomo was afraid, and that is an offense to me.

“Not meaning any offense, it was something like that,” said Sucatash, candidly.

“The excuse more than condones the offense,” continued the other.

"I've said nothing about any offense," he declared, in a hard, deliberate voice.

My words need give no offense to any Martian who comes upon them.

Headquarters of the vast Army of Offense was in the targo of the Belas.

That was their offense, and yet the town was wantonly destroyed.

If you will pardon the offense, I will promise not to be so remiss in the future.

Mr. Lincoln was always lenient when the offense was against himself.