Obedience [noun]

Definition of Obedience:

good behavior; submissiveness

Opposite/Antonyms of Obedience:

Sentence/Example of Obedience:

"Unless it should be his gracious pleasure to dispense with obedience," replied Artaphernes.

In a republic the first rule for the guidance of the citizen is obedience to law.

He had acted "in obedience to the clear and imperious call of public obligation."

Obedience has regard to the will of a ruler, not to necessity and truth.

She had wept only in the struggle of obedience and the renunciation of passion.

She taught her the duty of obedience and the sin of pride and of passion.

Future obedience, supposing it perfect, could not expiate past offences.

And now, to shew my obedience, have I not offered to live single?

It would be happy for you, and for every body else, were your obedience as ready as your wit.

She insisted upon the merit of obedience, although my will were not in it.