Rebellion [noun]

Definition of Rebellion:

disobedience; revolt

Synonyms of Rebellion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebellion:

Sentence/Example of Rebellion:

This knowledge constrained the girl, even drove her into rebellion.

"I know who'll have to do all the work," the boy retorted, bitterness and rebellion in his tone.

From the depths of her rebellion and forgiveness, slow tears rose.

She understood only too well how deeply this rebellion was rooted.

They had only just arrived and they were in perfect health, with plenty of courage for rebellion.

He was kept erect by that rebellion of his whole being which he could not quiet.

I am told that some of them at times experience a feeling of rebellion.

I often took this poor Talien aside and tried to urge him on to rebellion, but it was all in vain.

And she, therefore, repented of her rebellion as of a crime.

What was the use of journeying to a land of doubt and rebellion?