Schism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Schism:

At the fall of the western empire Acacius attempts his schism.

Rome, that boasts of her freedom from schism should blot the 18th century from her page.

Quick work was to be made of schism, heresy, and rebellion in France.

The work of schism has been pretty extensive in some parts of this District.

In that case you would choose some other ultimatum as your test of schism.

They retired into their castles and remained aloof from the schism.

By that time almost all traces of the schism had disappeared.

What act of union with heretics, or of schism with the Church, can you lay to my charge?

But such thoughts border on heresy and schism; away with them.

The schism which the oaths had produced was, as yet, insignificant.