Faction [noun]

Definition of Faction:

group sharing a belief or cause

Synonyms of Faction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faction:

Sentence/Example of Faction:

Even more recently, researchers have documented QAnon accounts pushing false claims that members of antifa, a loosely organized, far-left political faction, had started wildfires in the Pacific Northwest.

That left the selection of prime minister in the hands of the small coterie of senior power brokers who control the party’s largest factions.

In 1998, he bolted from the faction of Keizo Obuchi, a party bigwig who later became prime minister, to support a rival Suga believed more capable.

Ishiba, thought by many to be the front-runner, is popular among the party’s rank and file, though less so among senior faction leaders.

A total of five states24 will hold their down-ballot primaries or runoffs today, in which the fight between the radical wings and more moderate factions will continue for both parties.

One of these persons tried to enlist Prior in Portland's faction, but with very little success.

Ignorance and party faction, and a variety of such other unworthy components, entered largely into them.

But even in those words the malevolence of faction sought and found matter for a quarrel.

The fires of the Puritan faction had smouldered out; those of the Jacobite frenzy had hardly had time to rekindle.

Many of the popular faction fled to France; others took refuge among the Ardennes; some were executed.