Party [noun]

Definition of Party:

social gathering

Synonyms of Party:

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Sentence/Example of Party:

Is that brother of hers you told me about still makin' up to that party?

Now they neared the foot of the shaft where the rest of the party seemed to await them.

"Then I can only say that Captain Rushton was a party to the fraud," he said.

Shepler and the party were to go through the mine as a matter of sight-seeing.

That telegram from Coplen is concernin' of a lady—a party that was with him when he died.

A party of sailors, headed by an officer, came out of the woods, and headed for the shore.

There was no one in sight, but it was evident that a party from an American ship had visited the island.

There was nothing for it but to put Kit Smallbones at the head of the party.

So certain was he as to the exact locality, that he offered to conduct a party to the place.

Further, the native who gave all the information to Mr. Monger was one of our party.