Function [noun]

Definition of Function:

capacity, job

Synonyms of Function:

Opposite/Antonyms of Function:

Sentence/Example of Function:

Not every website has one, and even the ones that do have very surface-level functions.

In part, this was a function of some remaining uncertainty about how the virus spread most effectively.

Excipients are critical materials and serve a broad variety of functions.

For example, shipping, and social listening sound like siloed functions, but actually they’re closely related.

That’s because daily exercise not only helps kids stay physically and emotionally healthy, it also boosts cognitive function.

A linear decay function is applied to the poll’s date as well as the polls rating.

It’s not really a function so much of funding as it is of talent and technology know-how.

The sole purpose of this process, known as machine learning, is to find the optimal value of a mathematical function roughly representing how good or bad each output of the model—each attempt to complete the task over some part of the data—is.

Passersby wondering at its function may guess it’s a museum, or an art gallery.

To prevent intruders or extruders from withdrawing his mind from the text, he exercises the Inhibitory function of the Attention.