Post [noun]

Definition of Post:

upright support

Synonyms of Post:

Opposite/Antonyms of Post:

Sentence/Example of Post:

It may be that he can prefer thee to some post about the minster.

Bye and bye the eyes closed, and still clinging to the post, she slept.

This post was filled in Oldport, in those days, by my cousin Kate.

I repair, then, fellow-citizens, to the post you have assigned me.

Do you not intend, Sir, to push his way at court, and obtain for him the post of physician there?

As far away from post offices and telegraph offices as possible.

Crane watched Lauzanne go lazily, sluggishly down to the post for his race.

We might send him to the post, but that's all the good it'll do us, I'm feared.

Their horse would go to the post as fit as any thoroughbred had ever stripped.

This post was a mud-walled enclosure about fifty yards square.