Doorpost [noun]

Definition of Doorpost:

upright support

Synonyms of Doorpost:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doorpost:

Sentence/Example of Doorpost:

Leaning against the doorpost as though dozing, the old woman stared in the direction of the tavern.

A man was sitting on the steps, leaning against the doorpost.

The long mud nest is built upright, often in the angle of a doorpost or panel; and always added to, and entered from, below.

He left the doorpost, straightened his bowed back, and laid a hand on the wooden latch.

“It would be well to make the effort,” he said gently, looking over his shoulder at her as she leaned against the doorpost.

Anthony, his old trusted servant, was leaning against the doorpost, as if he feared to fall.

The Queen looked over her shoulder and caught the glint of his red heel as it went past the doorpost.

She shook her bright head against the doorpost and shut her soft lips into a straight line.

She leaned against the doorpost and looked at her right hand strangely, as if she expected to see blood on it.

Mr. Chase, leaning against the doorpost, listened with open mouth and distended eyeballs.