Leg [noun]

Definition of Leg:

appendage used for support

Synonyms of Leg:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leg:


Sentence/Example of Leg:

Most weighted blanket experts suggest you ease into use during sleep, starting with covering your legs for a few nights, then your midsection, until you finally reach your shoulders.

You may want the ability to spread out and fully extend your legs, or sit with one foot up.

A surfing accident had left the man unable to use his arms or legs.

Willie dipped Renee and she kicked up her leg, surprising them both and making them laugh.

If such a mutation gave a person extra hips and an extra pair of legs, over time their spine might lengthen to separate the legs.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes used his legs twice, and on one pass play the Chiefs utilized H-back Nick Keizer to chip.

If you choose to set up and leave your table outside, make sure it’s weather resistant, supported with sturdy legs, and has lockable wheels for safety and stability.

It also produces five different lighting patterns while giving you the option of using tilt legs to adjust the keyboard so that it sits between a four- and eight-degree angle.

There is no more important decision for Rivera, Hurney and Mayhew to make this offseason than how to handle the quarterback position, so expect that story to have legs through free agency and into the draft.

They just have a little bit less of a leg to stand on because I did actually go to mortuary school.