Lap [noun]

Definition of Lap:

orbit, circuit

Synonyms of Lap:

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Sentence/Example of Lap:

This makes it not only a great lap desk for working from a couch or coffee table—or even from the floor—but also an excellent standing desk converter for your existing work setup.

An ultra-portable lap desk with an adjustable easel helps remedy these problems, by providing that little ergonomic lift.

Human drivers who notice that their cars are close to overheating, for example, may decide to take the risk and finish a race if there are just a few laps left.

In order to win, a team’s autonomous car must be able to complete 20 laps—which equates to a little less than 50 miles in distance—and cross the finish line first in 25 minutes or less.

By July, we would normally have accumulated hundreds of laps worth of data from race weekends to help develop the car.

Hamilton’s Mercedes collided with the Red Bull driven by Alex Albon, spinning it around and taking it out of the race with less than four laps to go.

Think Singer, but with more right angles and slower lap times.

Fans of the sprinters believe they’ll keep lapping the field.

If the TV and online publishing industries are the wounded boxer in the red corner, campaign advocacy groups in the blue corner are taking victory laps.

At the sight, Felipe flung himself on his knees before her; he kissed the aged hands as they lay trembling in her lap.