Distance [noun]

Definition of Distance:

interval, range

Synonyms of Distance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distance:

Sentence/Example of Distance:

Clark said masks were optional, as long as six feet of distance was kept, and temperatures were checked.

Fortunately, sound waves can travel great distances through the ocean, thanks to a curious phenomenon known as the SOFAR Channel, short for Sound Fixing and Ranging.

They connected the two electron charges with one “effective” charge that varied with distance.

Richard Barrera, a San Diego Unified trustee, suggested during a town hall that it was actually a silver lining of distance learning that students at Lincoln and elsewhere would have increased access to AP classes.

It was here that my girlfriend and I decided we’d go for our first drink after quarantine — mostly because of it being within walking distance and a few Yelp reviews suggesting unusually cheap drinks.

Another popular distance learning platform is Google Classroom, which comes with Google Meet.

Childcare became a significant issue with schools moving to distance learning and day-care centers closing.

TV networks and advertisers have a long history of keeping a distance between some advertisers.

Make sure you dispense of the water at least 200 feet from streams or lakes and a good distance from your campsite.

They track and display metrics for distance, split times, total time, and more, whether you’re in a pool or open water.