Gap [noun]

Definition of Gap:

break, breach

Synonyms of Gap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gap:

Sentence/Example of Gap:

Over the past 230 years, the population gap between the smallest and largest states has only grown.

Identify areas that can be approved and understand your content gaps that need additional content to support the demand.

That margin applies to estimates of support for each candidate, rather than the gap between them.

The tool will analyze your competitors’ backlinks and find the backlink gap — websites that link to your competitors, but not you.

Matching struggling students with tutors 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 is a surefire way to help close opportunity gaps, says Matthew Kraft, a Brown University education economics researcher.

With major undersea cable projects typically landing in Lagos—the coastal urban center that doubles as its economic hub, there’s a clear gap with internet access and connection quality compared to more interior states.

With the pandemic leaving 30 million Americans unemployed, that gap between the number of people seeking jobs and the numbers of jobs available will only grow wider.

So the efficiency gap, first described in 2015 in the University of Chicago Law Review, is calculated by taking the difference in wasted votes between parties and dividing that by the total number of votes cast.

A pang, a bitterness that lasted for a day or for a year—and the gap would be filled again by some one else.

Bran or horse-dung inside was a good thing as a stop-gap, though it added not to the strength of the boiler.