Gorge [noun]

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While the national-preservation status of the majority of the gorge is a concession to local hunters, the group is slated to lose roughly 4,000 acres of hunting grounds in the Lower Gorge with the new designation.

The cliffs of the gorge are a thousand feet high in parts, with walls of Nuttall sandstone that provide climbers with more than 1,500 routes.

The gorge is home to hundreds of rare species, including the highest concentration of rare plants in Maryland, according to the National Park Service.

Canyoners are constantly concerned about flash floods, but hikers exploring riverside trails and narrow gorges should also be aware of flood potential, because they can happen with little to no warning.

There’s fire on both sides of the Feather River, and the Feather River is just a very steep gorge in many places.

Poor wretches—they were afraid to refuse, yet their gorge rose at the deed, and they fired at the ceiling!

Far up the gorge dense clouds of black smoke swooped down from the benchland.

Darkness fell, but still the fight continued, and at last Dupont's guns were heard at the other side of the gorge.

Therefore its channel is usually not a hundredth part as wide as the gorge or valley in which it lies.

On his right an open glade revealed to him the dark gorge through which the Cluden thundered.