Flume [noun]

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We've been hoping, Ba'tiste and myself, that we would be able to induce you to lease us your portion of the lake and a flume site.

It still is possible for me to obtain lumber, but to get it to the mill necessitates a flume and rights in the lake.

We'll never fulfill the contract, even with the machinery, unless we can get the use of the lake and a flume to the mill.

And what's the use of the gold in the ground when the flume isn't there to work it out?

"I never heard Mr. Munroe say that the flume was wrong," said Jessie quickly.

In this case as soon as the boards were cut they were placed in a flume in which there was a strong stream of water.

He hurried back up onto the section, thence up to the flume edge.

On the right there is a shoot or flume for carrying down timber from the upper part of the mountain ridge fifty miles away.

Three thousand dollars were expended by Smith and others in erecting a flume and in tunnelling.

The mountain grew reticent of its golden secrets, and the flume steadily ebbed away the remainder of Smith's fortune.