Conduit [noun]

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They believe that llamas act as an essential conduit between people and the wamani, and herders maintain that connection through ritual obligations that often involve the animals.

We view ourselves as the conduit to providing human-to-human connection in any context in a very intimate and personal way.

He had Lighthizer’s trust and was seen as a conduit to the front office, making career staffers believe their advice was at least presented, if not heeded.

As sports begin to start up again, the strength of Twitter will be its ability to facilitate conversation around sporting moments rather than be the main conduit of them.

Uncharted Power has developed pavers––the same kind you would see on a sidewalk or a road––that can house a power conduit, hardware for data collection, and servers to transmit the information collected at each location.

Nothing—nothing but the smell of ozone and an echo bouncing crazily off the walls of the conduit.

It was not unusual, for instance, to see dead bodies washed before burial in the conduit of drinking water!

The best water in Mekka is brought by a conduit from the vicinity of Arafat, six or seven hours distant.

The fore part of his head was bald; but the hair grew thin and long behind, and every separate lock was a conduit for water.

The conduit, R', leads the sulphide of carbon in a state of vapor to the condensing apparatus.