Culvert [noun]

Definition of Culvert:

ditch for flow of water

Synonyms of Culvert:

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Sentence/Example of Culvert:

A "culvert" is a bridge of small span giving passage to drainage.

"I don't know—I couldn't see—we ran into a culvert," replied Maud.

There was a shrieking streak of white and he disappeared under a culvert.

By these hornbeam trees a little streamlet flows out from the copse and under the road by a culvert.

Under the natural culvert, formed by the trunk fallen across, they cast their lines, using flies from their hook.

Davey held his breath; he saw the mare buck and then take the log culvert over the creek two or three hundred yards from McNab's.

For the smaller boy was really wedged by his rolled-up jacket tight into the mouth of the culvert.

Every alternate one leads from the side wall culvert and the others from the center wall culvert.

He paddled along swiftly till he came to a culvert, and dropped behind it, his chin on a level with the coping-stone.

This is more like Mahbub,' thought Kim, as the beast shied at the little head above the culvert.