Duct [noun]

Definition of Duct:

channel, pipe

Synonyms of Duct:

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Sentence/Example of Duct:

Inside each duct, the two rotors would counter-rotate, one above the other.

When an infant starts suckling, it prompts the myoepithelial cells to contract, pushing milk from the luminal cells, through the ducts, to the baby’s mouth.

Another smaller lymph duct enters the right subclavian vein.

Above I could see the end of the duct faintly in the light coming up through the open chamber door from the utility room.

Having ligated the duct, he saw it swell below and become empty above the ligature.

The duct that bears his name was discovered during his residence in Leyden or at Amsterdam.

The ancient conception of the artery as an air-duct gave rise to the derivation from Gr.

Before entering the heart, the blood receives a fresh supply of nourishment, by a duct which leads from the stomach.

The secretion is then conducted to the surface by a duct, and this duct is also lined with epithelium.

At about the time when a lumen appears in the Oviduct the first traces of the Wolffian duct become visible.