Tube [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tube:

"Good-morning," he said to the man who had instructed him concerning the Tube.

There was a sneer on the monster as he pressed something on the tube.

The Viceroy turned suddenly, stared at them, fingering his tube.

Ned closed his hand on the tube of the bazooka and it was so much old drainpipe.

There were only a Ruhmkorff coil and Crookes (vacuum) tube and the man himself.

The Professor removed his mouthpiece and cast the tube aside.

Carefully he closed the pet-cocks of the tube and replaced it in the car.

The hole for the stern-tube must now be drilled, and the tube made and fitted.

In this way the tube will not kink or lose its shape while being wound.

The tube is then filled with melted vaseline, which is allowed to cool.