Straw [noun]

Definition of Straw:


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Sentence/Example of Straw:

Joe picked his straw hat from a chair and stood turning it in his hands.

After the good-night to my neighbour, I tumbled into my straw and slept soundly, animal-like.

"Sure I'm only rowling a wisp of straw on my leg," replied Hosey.

The tenacity of this straw makes it very valuable for such purposes.

The hallways were strewn with straw and the litter of packing.

If intended for poultry, the slips of bacon should not be thicker than a straw.

Cover the bottom of a large boiler or kettle with saw-dust or straw.

"It's a drowning man's straw," he said, a little breathlessly.

What do you say to a kind of a straw color, all lit up with tulips?

The enclosure was very hot and stuffy; there was a smell of dust and straw.