Underground [adjective]

Definition of Underground:

below the surface

Synonyms of Underground:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underground:

Sentence/Example of Underground:

A rude ladder was the usual mode of entrance into these underground dwellings.

The five lowest levels were underground and all were labelled "Mineral Industries."

There, in his underground realm, she reigns all the cold winter months.

Life, life, everywhere, and seemingly this underground world was endless.

The lanes of this underground village were still fast asleep.

That was the first o' the underground fights which took place on the Comstock.

They are akin to what may be termed the underground religion in all ages and countries.

Nevertheless, at nine o'clock he was going westward in the Underground.

"I have somewhere to go," said Rosa, turning down to the Underground.

Chabrillane was a dangerous swordsman, and Chabrillane is underground.